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Mullican Flooring: A Product Overview 

When it comes to choosing hardwoods as your flooring solution, check out Mullican Hardwoods. Few hardwood floor manufacturers are able to satisfy customers the way Mullican has.  When it comes to style and quality, they are bound to have something that will please the most discriminating customer.  If the environment is important to you, you will be happy to know that Mullican adheres to the strictest environmental guidelines. Mullican is considered an industry pioneer with its rigid quality control standards.

                Mullican has become an international competitor with its prefinished, engineered and exotic products.  They offer more than 1,500 products, which can be purchased through 50 distributors and 5,000 retailers across the United States.

Mullican Castillian Flooring
Mullican Castillian Oak Sandstone
Mullican Castillian Oak Sandstone
Mullican Castillian Hickory Suede

                Whether you are renovating a room or decorating a new room, Mullican has a flooring solution for you.  Are you decorating a kitchen, dining room, bedroom, living area or entry way? There are many options available. What style do you prefer?  Are you interested in a smooth or handscraped appearance? Do you prefer traditional, rustic, cottage country, French Provincial, or contemporary? Whatever room, whatever style, whatever type, Mullican has a flooring solution that will suit your individual tastes and preferences. Check out online pictures from Mullican’s Design Gallery to see what you prefer.

                Measure the length and width of the room you are planning to create so you will know what your flooring requirements will be.   If you have already priced the flooring you are interested in, you can multiply the square area by the cost of the flooring per square foot.  This will give you the total square footage. Consider a waste factor of at least 5%. This will give you the total amount of the material required and its cost.

Mullican Chalmette Provincial Hickory
Mullican Chalmette Autumn Maple

                Mullican Hardwoods come in solid, engineered, or unfinished hardwood. You can shop by color or species or type.  For ease in choosing what would work best, it is important to know how you plan to decorate the room.

Mullican Muirfield Hickory Saddle
Mullican Meridian Pointe Oak
Mullican Castillian Solid Oak

Planning ahead the colors of the rooms you will be flooring will help you determine the best colors of hardwoods you will want to select.  For instance, if red is a color you are interested in, consider an oak in a merlot finish, or a maple in a Bordeaux finish, or a cherry in a cabernet. There are many species and types, which would coordinate well with the color red.

Mullican will guarantee that the finish will not wear through to the wood on solid hardwoods for at least 50 years.  They will guarantee that the finish will last at least 25 years on most prefinished flooring. On two finishes, Frontier Solid and Quail Hollow, the warranty is for 15 years.  On the finish, Ol’ Virginian, the warranty is for 10 years.  On many of Mullican’s engineered prefinished products, the warranty is for 25 years.  On several finishes, including the Mountain Views, Meadow View, and Foothills finishes, the warranty is for 15 years.

Mullican Hardwood

Mullican Hardwoods have installation procedures for the advanced installer to the beginner do-it-yourselfer.  There are guidelines online recommended for each type of hardwood.